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Japan Extends Assistance to WFP Nepal for Mid-Western Nepal

January 3, 2015


The Government of Japan has agreed to earmark an assistance of five hundred thousand US dollars (US$500,000) for executing the activities of the World Food Program (WFP), Nepal in Japan’s Fiscal Year 2014. The fund will be utilized to retain Emergency Food Assistance for Flood-Affected People in Mid-Western Nepal.

In August this year, torrential monsoon rainfall triggered heavy floods and landslides affecting mainly four districts, namely Bardiya, Banke, Surkhet and Dang, in the Mid-Western Development Region. This resulted in loss of many lives, as well as missing, seriously injured and displaced persons. As these four (4) districts are prominent areas for agro production, especially paddy, maize, lentils and vegetables, the flood has caused heavy damages in these districts. Even now, many people are homeless and living in makeshift shelters in a very poor conditions with lack nutritious food. Since their fertile farmland has been covered by debris, they were not in a position to plant and harvest this year.

In light of this, the Government of Japan has extended this Assistance to WFP Nepal to continue its efforts to address flood-induced issues, such as the continuation of food supplies, re-construction of bridges, roads, schools etc.

The Assistance extended by the Government of Japan for the people of affected districts in Nepal is expected to be vital for relief and return to normal life as soon as possible.

Link: Embassy of Japan in Nepal